John Burcl, Managing Partner, Driver


John is a recent graduate of the Economics program at the University of Colorado Denver campus. John's professional experience includes over 7 years of driving with various companies in occupations including courier services, taxicab services, and rideshare. Over the years he has gained invaluable knowledge about the fabulous grid that makes up the city of Denver. As co-founder of Car2U, he strives to provide excellent customer service to all clients and takes on many of the other tasks involved with running a company such as scheduling and accounting.

Mandi Broderson, Managing Partner, Marketing Director


Mandi is currently a Biology student at the University of Colorado Denver campus. Still somewhat of a rookie in the driving industry, Mandi began her driving career with the founding of Car2U in 2014 with the purchase of the company's first Lincoln Navigator. She helped the company quickly progress into being a licensed limousine provider. Learning and growing more as a business owner each day, Mandi takes on numerous other tasks such as marketing, advertising, scheduling, accounting, payroll, and other administrative duties to keep Car2U compliant with all city and state regulations. She continues to work at generating a solid presence for Car2U in Denver and surrounding cities.

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Car2U Background

Car2U is an independent luxury limousine company, a family-owned partnership between two long-time friends, John and Mandi. With an extensive relationship history, exceeding 12 years, they easily realized that they collaborated well together and would make an efficient team.


In early 2014, John and Mandi made the leap and invested in their first luxury SUV, launching the business Car2U. They quickly decided to advance to being a full-fledged limousine company and slowly began fulfilling all of the city requirements for limousine companies operating in Denver. 

**UPDATE: We are proud to announce that we have made it to our third year of business!!


John and Mandi are both currently graduate-degree seeking students and prospective young professionals. The success of Car2U has allowed them to continue pursuing their dreams while providing for their family.

Car2U Driver Screening
Car2U is a registered limousine company in Colorado and, as such, is regulated by the rigorous standards enforced by the Public Utilities Commission. All drivers must have a clean driving record to qualify for coverage under our commercial insurance policy which covers up to $1.5 million in liability. Drivers must also pass a federal fingerprint background check and maintain a current Department of Transportation medical screening card, both of which must be periodically renewed. Aside from the PUC requirements, John and Mandi carefully choose drivers that will be a great fit for the company. You can rest assured knowing that your driver has been selected with the clients' best interest in mind!


You may encounter various other drivers assigned to your Car2U reservation, but you can always be assured that they have undergone the same rigorous screening process.

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